Week Enders | 1April17

Well, that happened…
I went to the farmers market near work for the first time in AAAGGGEEESSSS. You know when you know something isn’t in season, but it’s in your face anyway? Yeah, strawberries. I bought them, and in my best Kevin Hart voice, they weren’t ready.

Thanks, Canada.
Get thee to YouTube or some other viewing entity and find your way to the hilarious Canadian sitcom, Kim’s Convenience. It’s about a Korean Canadian family who own a corner store in a downtown Toronto neighborhood. I can’t decide which of the parents I love more. Mr. and Mrs. Kim aka Appa and Umma, are just gloriously-much immigrant parents, with first gen twenty-something children, who are funny, human, complicated and caring in an everyday-messy, meddling parent kind of way. I love that, for the entire family, their multicultural worlds exists in all areas of their lives from the friendships they have to the communities that populate the store and their church. You see lives intersecting, easily.

Damn, Gina.
Since the Hulu/CW (that’s what it’s called, right?) deal ended and The CW went home with all of its shows, I keep forgetting about Jane The Virgin. Good thing is The CW site and app aren’t restricted to a cable login. It’s super easy to watch the last 5 eps. But, how am I going to remember check the app, though? No, really. I need to work on that.

My So-Pod Life …
Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor Of All Time Period – Vincent D’Onofrio talks craft and Denzel on the latest ep. He’s much funnier than I would have thought and I’ve crushed on him since Mystic Pizza.
They Call Us Bruce – Pop, Politics, Culture in Asian America. In ep 1., Jeff Yang and Angry Asian Man’s Phil Yu talk about the heavily shaded Netflix series, Iron Fist. It’s also where I got the Kim’s Convenience tip.
S-Town – I know, I know. Everybody’s talking and typing about this newly launched podcast from the folks that had everyone obsessed with Serial. I’ll check it out.

Almost gone, Girl.
Here are a few movies that are leaving the stream in April. I’m going to have a binge session with a few of these this wknd: Terms of Endearment (Hulu), Fatal Attraction (Hulu) Menace II Society (Netflix) Resident Evil: Extinction (Netflix) Drumline (HBO) Romancing The Stone (HBO). New York Mag has the full list for HBO, Hulu, Netflix and more.

What’s Really Real…
Now that I’ve got Sling, I watch all of the US Real Housewives franchises. Well, except New Jersey. And Dallas. I don’t watch those. We’re looking at major season/city shifts happening in the next two weeks. The newest crew, the ladies of Potomac, start season 2, on Sunday. Season finale for RHOBH is Tuesday. New York returns on Wednesday. The Atlanta finale is Sunday, April 9th. But, I’m really waiting for the Atlanta reunion, because, well, Andy said to.

This weekend, I might be:
+ hanging out at the Glossier LA pop-up.
+ staring at the ocean.
+ binge watching Kim’s Convenience.

What are you up to?

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