Week Enders | 18March17

Well, that happened.
I did it.  I watched the finale of This Is Us, when it was actually on, and I didn’t cry.  Of course, when I read Vulture’s This Is Us Best Cries List, I, you know, got a little emotional.

Kerry James Marshall’s retrospective exhibition, Kerry James Marshall: Mastry, opened at MOCA this week.  Seeing it for the first time, Thursday night, was all visceral reaction.  Blackness and Black people, beautifully depicted.  It was regular, normal, every day black.  I felt intense joy.  I was so proud.  Inches away and dwarfed by canvases covered in the blackest of black and the most vibrant of reds and greens and blues, yellows and pinks.  It was everything and too much to take in at the same time.

I’m so excited to be able to experience it again.  To study the work, to go beyond my initial reaction and impressions.  It is, as we are, multi-layered, complex, rich and bold.

If you’re in LA or will be before July 13th, see it.

Kerry James Marshall in conversation with Theaster Gates | NY Times
I’d been thinking a lot about Feist recently.  “La Sirena” from Monarch, on repeat in my head a few weeks ago.  I woke up yesterday, happily surprised to find new music from Feist.  “Pleasure” is the title track to her new album, out on April 28th.

More Feist – Including the hard to find Monarch.

Seeing Red
You know how this works. You go in for one thing and then, something just gets ya. I went into MAC just to smell, okay, buy the travel-sized scented Fix+ in Coconut. Ended up walking out with red mascara. It’s the In Extreme Dimension Mascara, from the Work It Out collection, in Heart Rate’s Rising. Red mascara?  Really?  For someone older than 25?  Yep.  I’m digging it.  If you want to go extra, you can.  But, it’s so wearable with just a few coats.  Check out the top lashes in this bit of selfie action.  I may need to get one or two of the other 11 colors.  MAC Select members get 25% off until March 20th.

Coming Soon and Soon-ish
Podcast Politically Reactive returns March 29th.
Man, I’ve missed Hari’s laugh.  Okay, and the thoughtful progressive political conversation between comedians W. Kamau Bell, Hari Kondabolu and their guests.  It feels like it’s been a long, long time since season one ended right after the election,with no guarantee of S2.  Thankfully, they’re going to keep this special thing going.  Hopefully, they’ll have ideas and interesting discussions that will help us to continue to stand firm, fight back and get through this thing with 45.

Grace + Frankie S3 premiers March 24th.
Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are back as Grace + Frankie, still navigating their unexpected chapter as single seniors making new lives for themselves, together, after their husbands come out and declare their decades-long love and affair.  Next weekend will, definitely, be spent binge-watching season three.  And I can’t be the only one who kinda internally demands lots of June Diane Raphael as Grace’s daughter, Brianna, right?  Sorry, she’s just great. (Netflix)

Chewing Gum S2 launches in the US April 4th.
I’m all for another gloriously awkward black girl. The hilarious British comedy, Chewing Gum, is written by and stars Michaela Coel. The show follows the misadventures of Tracy, an endearingly-odd 24 year-old virgin, from a super-religious family, in her pursuit of, you know, getting some, on a housing estate in London. I’ve watched the first season three times since it premiered in the US last October. (Netflix)

Game of Thrones S7 delayed start on July 16th.
I didn’t regularly watch until the end of s5. I’ve seen all of s1. Maybe a few eps of s2, The Red Wedding and the episode where Joffrey dies. I could try to fill in holes before S7 starts in July. But, do I need to? Is it worth it? Am I really missing anything?

Insecure S2 is coming back, July 23rd.  I was NOT expecting season 2 so soon. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

This weekend, I might be:

+ washing my hair because I didn’t last week.
+ going to see T2 Trainspotting.
+ cooking up some experiments in vegan-ization.
+ wandering.

What are you up to?


week enders | 24feb17

Well, that happened…
My momma came to LA.  I don’t think I ever been so grateful for a layover.  She was on her way home from the other side of the world.  We chatted.  She showed me pictures.  I stared at her.  Her skin, still a cool brown, but interestingly not as deep as I remember.  Her bracelets, silver rope replacing years of trade beads.  I took in her energy, for the first time, in my LA space.  It was so cool.

I don’t see her enough.

Changing that.

Wait. WHAT?!!! Prince is on Spotify?
I’m giggly+screechy!  No.  Really, just screechy.  All this Prince in one place.  Go check your streaming palace of choice.  Is he there?
(The picture above is a chopped and screwed snap from Purple Rain at Hollywood Forever last summer. )

Same problem. Different choices.
I’m bought a record player.  This one.  Not the one I planned, but it’ll do while I save for the other one.  I know what you’re thinking, hell, I know what I’m thinking and I’m okay with that.

Game Over, Man.  Game Over.
I’ve been watching the reboot of Training Day on CBS.  The ghost of Denzel’s Alonzo looms large, talking madddd shit.  Bill Paxton’s Detective Frank Rourke is more average antihero than engaging villain, which feels a bit worn at this point.  I wish he was an asshole, otherwise it’s just a cranky cop vs. earnest cop anti-buddy cop show.  I already watch cranky cop who might be doing bad things to get the bad guys on NBC.  I don’t know if there’s room for another that doesn’t stand out.  Look, I love Bill Paxton. Have since I was a kid.  He gives good asshole.  So, I might keep watching.  Hoping for it.  The other problem is that because Rourke is likable, Jason Cornwell’s Detective Kyle Craig ends up being a bit of an annoying killjoy.  The show is familiar and watchable.  It bats third show/emptied bottle of wine in the daily decompression lineup.  It’s kinda just on.

Moonlight, FTW.
The Academy Awards are this weekend.  That means two things: I can’t go to my Sephora at Hollywood & Highland and I will be in my feelings with whatever happens for the amazingly talented cast and crew of Moonlight.  I’ll see La La Land when they release the Hamilton DVD with the original cast.  Just saying.

Cause it’s supposed to always be sunny and hasn’t been, I think I might be doing these things:
+ going to see Get Out.
+ stopping by my local where my favorite librarian is putting on event about racism.
+ not talking about incense making cause I’ve not done it, but need to.
+ taking pictures of things.

What are you up to?



Week Ender | 18Feb17

Well, that happened…
I’ve spent most of the last week sick and voiceless.  While trying to fight whatever I’ve got, I started watching Suits.  Clicked on the first couple eps of S6 on Sling.  Started watching from the beginning on Amazon Prime.  Now, I’m midway through S2.  Hello, Hooked.  Honestly, they had me at Devlin-MacGregor.

Not quite sure why I’ve not seen any of it until now.  I was cable-free when it premiered, and I’m not sure if it was easy to see without opening up a vein to Time Warner or Comcast.  And, I guess, I didn’t see a reason to “find” a way to watch it.  Now that I’m here, I’m all in.  I really like the entire cast, but, you know, I LOVE Gina Torres and Rick Hoffman.  After years of L&O, I want more than the case.  I want the inter-office interpersonal relationships that are more interesting onscreen than the annoying ones in real life.  I love these characters and the way they play off of each other.  Plus, I get to see all my Toronto acting faves!

Yes, I know Gina left midway through season six.  That means I’ve got five and a half seasons of great acting in a killer wardrobe and aspirational low-key super sophisticated makeup.  Starting next month, with the return of The Catch, Gina will be a part of the Shondaland Lady Gang, on another show with a talented cast, great makeup and fab costume design.

I bought some stuff and it got delivert… I know the war is coming.  Sometimes, though, I just want to play on my face with colors.

Green Beauty – Late into the night I placed a Detox Market order.  Caroline Hirons made me do it.  I live in LA and could have just done the brick and mortar, but the internet and late nights were made for shopping.  SuperCool thing is sample pack you can create to try out coveted+expensive potions like the Vintners Daughter serum! More on the order later.

Charlotte Tilbury – Last week’s order came with samples, even ones I didn’t request. Perks for ordering directly from CT.  Big NO for Kim K.W. and Bitch Perfect lipsticks. Waaay too pale. Like major whiteness on my lips.  I, mean, okay, I guess for So Marilyn.  It’s bight red on me.  Wearable bright red.  I’m just not wearing red right now.  Very Victoria breaks my rule from last week.  I’ll have to put it on the list for when the moratorium lifts or when I stop lying to myself about there being a moratorium on nude-y/neutral pinky/mauve-y/peachy lipsticks.  Magic Foundation in 10 is a bit dark and red.  I’ll try a bit of the 9.5 or 9 when I order the Very Victoria.  Someday. Oh and the thing I actually ordered, the Pillow Talk lipstick is cute.  It does need a hint of MAC Chestnut liner.

Sephora – You know, the one from last week with the powder and ABH palette. I think I love the ABH palette.  The shadows are rich and pigmented and not the same bronze, brown and green that I always buy.  Playtime, people.  Time to PLAY!

Nars – I went into Sephora three different times to look at this limited edition palette.  The first time, I walked away sure that I didn’t need it.  The second time was a swatch only trip, but I knew.  The third time, I had to have it.  But, I waited.  I wanted to make sure I was paying cash and not just charging another haul.  Now, it’s mine.  I’m good on blush.  Well, there is that Hourglass one.  (I have a problem. I just said it out loud.)

Screw Winter…
It feels like winter somewhere not here.  It’s cold and rainy.  Where is my sunshine?  Why am I wearing something resembling a coat, a lot?  Why am I thinking about buying, like, sweaters?  Not cardigans, but comfy crewneck pullovers.  It’s like I’m dreaming in Fair Isle or something.

I’m watching that…
The Good Fight… On Sunday, Christine Baranski is back as Diane Lockhart in The Good Wife spinoff.  I’m excited for the character’s return and more Cush Jumbo. The thing is, the premiere is going to be on CBS and then, the show moves exclusively to the CBS streaming platform.  I just don’t know if I’m going to shell out more money for another streaming service. Yes, it’s only $6.99 a month. Just thinking about it, though, is making me wonder if I pay too much for what I already have and don’t really watch.  Showtime might be put on pause until Lena Waithe’s Chi gets a premiere date.  That does not mean an automatic pickup for CBS.  I just don’t know.  If I do it, it may be only for the duration of The Good Fight season one.  We’ll see.

Cause it was supposed to rain lots… 
I got drenched on my Friday afternoon commute.  What am I going to do on the long holiday weekend? I plan to be productive.  If that happens, though, I’ll be surprised.

But, maybe, I’ll be…
+ listening to bon iver playlists on spotify.
+ making and burning the incense.
+ sleeping. i shouldn’t but, really.
+ getting back to my freaking bullet journal.
+ taking pictures of pretty things in my apartment.


On The Walk | The City Streets

just stuff seen on a walk…

Sometimes I wonder what people expect when they see images of LA.  Then, I kind of get down on what I see because it’s not the pretty, honeyed, laid back LA.  I have to catch myself, though.  I find interesting things around me every single day.

So, here’s just some of what I’ve seen lately when I’ve set out to roam.


HFTS | Mother’s Mixed Pickle

just something i picked up at the shop…

Popped into my local South Asian grocery for lentils and came home with a new little treat.

I take my time in the aisles, always looking for at least one thing to bring home just to try.  So far, I’ve only had this pickle with a dal, but it was pretty good.  It was hot, all tart and full of texture and bite.

If there’s any country that seems to have more sway and space in my pantry, it’s India.  And this lovely little pickle is making itself right at home.


Home From The Market | Hollywood 2Sept12

just a few things that made it home from the market…

Cauliflower | Collard Greens | Tomatoes | Onions | Thomcord Grapes | Green Peppers | Kale

I went shopping with a post-birthday, champagne headache yesterday.  With a full day planned, I realized, early, that my patience was in short supply and very little meandering would be allowed.  Shoulders were quickly shrugged and I was on to the next stall.

Then, I saw those Thomcord grapes.  I saw them and smiled wide.  I picked up a few.  Chatted and smiled some more.

Just as easily and quickly as I know things aren’t for me, I know when they are.  Those grapes.  Those grapes were dark and lovely.  I knew they would make me giggle as they burst with all kinds of memories and a bit of longing.

One of the things that I love about going to the market is that I get a chance to be excited about simple things without being dismissive of the emotions, as if they have to be or do something more to be deserving of joy.  I let myself experience the pleasure I get from delighting my senses.  Things are just beautiful.  Or taste amazing.  Or make me happy.

There’s no ‘enough’ attached to the Thomcord grapes.  There are no grand plans, either.  I’ll just wash them and nibble, until they disappear.


Home From The Market | Hollywood 24June12

just a few things that made it home from the market…

Collard Greens | Curly Kale | Ginger | Tomatoes | Yu Choy

I cried on the way to the market.  I was in the middle of the street, when I noticed I was steps from my dad’s ‘I-only-have-the-kids-on-the-weekend’ car.  I’ve only seen a few Datsun 280zs since I was little.  For an instant, I was in the backseat with my black Barbie, making up stories, on the way to Benihana.  But, just for an instant.  The wave of recognition washed over me and the tears came with the warm tide.  It was the fifth anniversary of his death.

I was in my head deep at the market, on auto-pilot.  I slowed to inhale the incense and oils for sale by the old man drifting off in his chair.  I weaved my way through the people lined up for seafood, to get to the stall run by the Asian family selling my yu choy and ginger.  Rejoining the flow, my eyes darted quickly from left to right trying to gauge my interest and intent against the pace of the crowd.  Within minutes, I was overwhelmed and determined to get out.  There are always too many people, but this day was different.  Holding back the tears and hoping to dull the ache, I knew I still needed to get tomatoes and greens, but, then I could leave.

Comforted by Spotify on shuffle playing songs I loved, I donned blinders to rush through the intersection of produce and prepared.  I didn’t even realize Marisa from Food In Jars was there doing a demo.  I must’ve walked right past her.

The end was in sight.  I’d made it to the herb stand where I pick up my collard greens.  But, yeah, no.  Grandma boxed me out as she chatted with her granddaughter; meanwhile, the mom fingered my greens; and dad came over to pay with one hand full of cash, the other full of kale.  I was bouncing on sneakered feet, antsy.  I love black folks and all, but come on my people, keep it moving.

I was stuffing greens into my waxed canvas tote bag and preparing to re-enter the flow like a double dutch champion, when he caught my eye.  I looked up to see a beautiful, deeply chocolate man, in all his Chiwetel Ejioforian fineness, staring.  I was so caught off guard.*  I was still stuck and struck, unsure of how I was supposed to feel about my dad.  For the first time, I wasn’t a full-on, red-eyed, ugly crying, hot mess, but I still got freaked out by a 35 year old car.  I guess, I needed to get out of my head.  And in that moment, surprisingly, all it took, was for a dude to get my attention when I wasn’t paying any.

I did another half lap up Ivar and back, smiling all easy and broad, then headed home.  I brought back food, a better mood and a few slugs that came along, on the greens, for the ride.

Every year is something different.  And every year, you’re still there.  Thank you, Daddy.



* so, yeah. we exchanged smiles. awkwardly. mine was all hesitant+black+nerdy.

okay, like seriously, there were more black people at the market than i feel like ive ever seen.

On Obsessive Repeat | Killer Mike + El-P

i just can’t stop.

I decided to make a new space for hip-hop.  I was lucky enough to quickly fill it with intelligence, wit and dense beats.  Both records have been on repeat since their release.

Videos: El-P “The Full Retard“| Killer Mike “Big Beast” f/Bun B, T.I., Trouble & El-P

WAIT! The videos are MUCH and so NSFW and kind of amazing.  There might be some references to a Ryan Gosling film, simulated acts on a puppet, nudity and body parts.  Okay, so there will be those things.  Just saying.

Killer Mike + El-P are in LA tonight.  And on the road with Mr. MFin eXquire and Despot until the middle of July.  And there’s an “Into The Wild Tour Mixtape” too.



Back To The Market


I’m going to the market this weekend and will be back to posting the goodness.  I’ve been shooting.  Just mostly instagramming, though.  I’ll put up some of those that I like this week.

This image is from Hollywood 18March12.  I’m in love with it.  No, really.  I did a ‘Look, Ma.  I did this!’ text, too.