In Pursuit of | A Weck Resource Guide

i like them. i REALLY like them.

Whether you decide to use the amazing Weck jars for canning or storage, finding them seems to be a question that keeps popping up.  These are the few sites and shops I’ve found, heard of or used to purchase Weck.

Weck Canning – The online home with Weck specific canning info.  In the point/click/buy online shopping sphere, the process seems a little complicated, but this is where you can get it all.

Heath Ceramics – I♥Heath Ceramics, hardcore.  I bought my Weck from Heath.  Selection is limited, but they tend to have good shipping deals.

Lehman’s – Carries “European Glass Canning Jars” made in Germany.  They aren’t called Weck on the site, but it looks like them in the product images.  Has anyone gotten them from Lehman’s recently?  Are they Weck? Update: Kaela confirms Weck on her recent Lehman’s order.  Comment below.

terrain – As well as the  individual jars, they even carry bath salts, bath teas and candles poured into Weck.

New* Canoe – The Portland, Oregon home of wonderfully curated objects carries .25L, .2L, .5L (tall) and the .75L jars individually.

Where did you buy your Weck?  Is there a site or store that you go back to to covet the loveliness that is Weck? Let me know where to find more and I’ll update.


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  1. And I love your Wecks, too. Some of the shots on the Weck site of the different shapes are a little uninspiring. (It’s those mixed vegetables.) I like pop over to see what fun you’ve had with them. ♥

  2. I bought some Wecks from Lehman’s right after Christmas (yes the “European canning jars” are Wecks). Haven’t had a chance to can in them yet, but I’m sure I’ll be CanJammin ’em soon.

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