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i still don’t remember.

Keeping track of my kitchen adventures has always felt like it took the fun out of cooking.  Well, now, it really has come back to bite me.

I made a peanut butter and spiced citrus marm sandwich.  I got so excited and angry to the point of letting the expletives fly mid-bite.  It was ecstasy in my mouth and I still don’t know how to get it back again.

It had such a simple light nuanced flavor.  It’s even mellowed in the last few weeks.  There’s only a bit of cardamom kick that hints at what else is in there.  I remember most of the ingredients, but not the amounts and definitely not the process.  I, unintentionally, did some quirky stuff.

I really want that marm back.  I’ve said it before, now I mean it.  Experiments and escapades must be recorded.  I’m a pen to paper kinda gal.  I’m deciding between Rhodia and Moleskine to capture the magic.

I’ve got one jar of the mystery marm left.  And I’ve got 8 months to figure this out.


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  1. I’m partial to the pink, thin moleskins with lined pages, myself. I keep one in my kitchen door and one in my purse. That way I can record what I’m making up on the fly and write down ideas when I’m eating out @ restaurants.

  2. Ha! *Exactly* the reason I now have a cooking blog. Which sometimes seems unfair, foisting my experiments on an unsuspecting public; but I always try to point out where I’ve experimented, deviated, etc. As much for my own sake, 11 months later when I’m trying to recreate that perfect jam (sauce, marm, bread, etc.) as for anyone who might be reading.

    I find it’s now habit to quickly get down the list of ingredients & key method details on the blog, as soon as I’ve finished with the recipe (if I wait even overnight, I can forget). Sometimes these recipes sit in my “drafts” folder for days and days.. and sometimes never emerge, as I decide that the recipe was never worth making again. Or I make it again, improve, and then publish.

    I so wish I had started blogging back when I starting canning; I have a kick-ass BBQ sauce from ’08 – there is one jar left. I made it for a local foods potluck, so I know I did all sorts of substitutions to eliminate lemon juice, sugar, Worcestershire, Tabasco… but still, I have NO idea what I did. If only….

  3. Willi… It’s funny how I’ve become partial to pink. I’ve carried the bigger thicker Moleskines for a while and feel like it’s the first thing I take out of my bag when I complain about it being heavy. Definitely going thin either way. There will also be a special place in the kitchen for it/them.

    Kaela… I think the blog and the TCJ have helped. I have to keep track of what I’m doing. Good idea leaving the recipe as a draft.
    Isn’t it wild how we really do have recipes that got away?

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