Week Enders | 22April17


Well, that happened.
It’s been a year since he passed away. It still hurts when I let myself feel it. It still makes no sense that Prince is gone. I was listening to “Around The World In A Day” on the way home, mouthing every word. Thinking about how that record comforted me during a really awkward phase. And then, the tears just fell. I couldn’t keep it together for my two stop commute.

The crazy thing about this Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction video, is that I couldn’t remember if I was there or not. I was working at VH1 at the time and every year, I wrangled talent on the red carpet and brought artists back for interviews with our producer in the 1-on-1 area during the show. The more I thought about it, I remembered I was there. It was the year that no one really did press during/after the ceremony. And everyone bounced because Prince had a surprise show later that night.

The clip just has me in tears, again. The guitar solo in the George Harrison tribute still amazes.


Put it on everything…
I can’t stop thinking about the party to celebrate M. Tony Peralta “Rolos and Icons II” exhibition at the Mexican Consulate. I wandered around looking at canvases of the images I’d only seen on screen. I had spiked horchata. Then, I stood in line for cotton candy. I know. Crazy. I don’t think I’ve had cotton candy this century. But, really it was MANGO FLAVORED COTTON CANDY. I watched as Twisted4Sugar spun tropical gold and then, sprinkled lime/chile/salty tangy goodness all over that cloud of joy. Tajín, bitches. I normally have tajín on the street-cut fruit cups from the carts on random LA streets. I have a bottle at home. I think I even put tiny travel-sized bottles in a friend’s gift bag, once. But, mostly, I have it when co-workers offer up late afternoon sliced snacks. Yes, please and thank you. If you’ve never had mango, watermelon or oranges given the spicy/tart, seasoned treatment, get a bottle in the produce section of your grocery store. Please. You’ll thank me.


It’s late and I’m loud because this Spotify playlist just made me soo happy. All thanks to All Out 80s. An 80s playlist full of hits and lots of Prince. Junior high me is hugging the fuck out of a radio right now.

Is this the end of Keverything?
Well, this week was the last in-studio episode (for the foreseeable future) of the Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor Of All Time Period podcast. No more Kamau and Kevin. No more Black People’s Homework. No more Working Black Actors. Sure, I’m going to miss all the Denzel stories and dissection of every Denzel film ever made by those who worked with him, superfans and occasionally those whose affinity for his work could be considered Denzel-Lite. What I’m really going to miss, though, is the thoughtful discussions about craft and showbiz while Black. Thankfully, I still have a few super-old episodes to catch up on.


Bye, now.
Girls ended. Everyone had a say about whether or not it was done well. I’m cool with it being done. Let it be of its time, with all the quirks, flaws, head-shaking laughs and flashes of brilliance.

Dear White People is coming. Like, next week. The series, based on Justin Simien’s 2014 satire about black students on a predominantly white Ivy League college campus, will be out on Netflix, April 28th.

Yes, I’m also excited because the the guy I can’t really talk about for a while directs an episode. (Hey, Barry!)

This weekend, I might be:
+ brunching.
+ honoring purple royalty.
+ wishing sunday was saturday.

What are you up to?

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